TON Nominator Pools

The list of the TON nominator pools allows Toncoin holders to lend their assets to validators to make a profit by maintaining the blockchain.

How It Works

Welcome to first opensource decentralized TON staking pool. The smart-contract service guarantees
Who are Validators?

TON uses the Proof of Stake consensus maintained by validators, network participants who validate blocks and earn Toncoin while contributing to network security.

Who are Nominators?

Nominators are network participants who lend their assets to validators. Toncoin earned by the validator is distributed to nominators according to pool settings.

Nominator Pools
What are Pools?

Nominator pools are assets of a validator and nominators managed by a smart contract. Smart contracts guarantee the correct use of borrowed coins.


Staked by Nominators in total

Featured Pools

Nominator Pools

How to Become a Validator

Becoming a TON network validator requires access to high-performance hardware on a highly available network, as well as access to a large degree of Toncoin as a stake. Validators stake Toncoin for a fixed specific term, and the stake is refunded with interest after the completion of a validation round.